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Highlighting online advertisements would now require a simple listing, calculated promotion and innovative publicity on the Worlds first Directory only for advertisements. Advertising Directory Services is a human edited directory for advertisements. The human editor provides all the required services which make it very easy to get maximum coverage for advertisements on the internet. Advertising Directory Services lays a foundation to make the advertisements take off and get maximum audience for the product or service.

Promotion for Advertisement

Advertising Directory Services offers a number of promotional options for advertisements which will make it successful and provide the right focus it wants to create in the minds of people.

Tailor made publicity packages

The human edited directory services offer a perfect solution for wide spread awareness, generation of buzz and creation of sales for products and services.

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The latest normal is change and change is normal

Human editing at the Advertising Directory Service enables every advertisement to reach its full potential. Advertising Directory lets the advertisement reach its maximum potential in the minimum time, effort and money. At the same time it creates an engagement with the right website surfers, online searchers and information seekers.


Advertising Directory Services has a very simple listing process and has a human editing system offering an efficient, robust and well maintained directory structure. By simply listing the advertisement get maximum coverage on the internet. Reach a wider audience, over larger geographical area and varied sections of society with full control on budget.


Get more coverage for the advertisement with advanced, targeted and latest promotion methods. Reach new markets by interacting with new customers in newer methods. Achieve increase in sales online, on the website and even offline in the physical shop or outlet.


Publicity will ensure that the advertisement gets the right coverage that is required, ensuring more value generation whereby creating higher satisfaction index. The human editor ensures that every advertisement gets the right publicity, in the right proportions and in the right fields.


Advertising Directory Services advertisements to get more exposure by organization weekly contests - where in the advertisements are rated on various criteria and graded ranks from one to five. Any advertisement can participate in these contests. Even viewers can give their opinion about the advertisements.

Viewer View

The Viewer View about an advertisement is taken so as to grade the advertisement, gauge its performance and get an idea about the success of the said advertisement. Viewer View also helps in understanding the human views about the advertisement.


Advertising on Advertising Directory Services helps advertisers to achieve the goals they have set for their advertisement. Targeting the right audience that is supposed to be reached by the advertisement there is an enhancement in the exposure of the advertisement, at the same time optimizing it and also projecting it before third parties.

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More Benefits in a Nutshell

Some more benefits of listing an advertisement on Advertising Directory Services are given below which would emphasis the goal of this Directory to continuously help advertisers to get more coverage for their advertisement, so that they get more sales for their product or service and earn more profits from their advertisements.

World Leader

A directory for Advertisement is a first of its kind in the world. The specialized interactive activities on the website generate dedicated traffic to Advertising Directory Services website. This in turn proves to be a bonus to all the advertisement listed on the website.

Human Edited Directory

By providing the services of a human editor creates a positive mind frame that all efforts are put forth with a dynamic approach to providing personalized services for each advertiser that lists their advertisement on Advertising Directory Services.

Quantitative Results.

Advertisements listed on Advertising Directory Services almost immediately will be able to notice an increase in their viewership within a matter of a few days. Even the product or service shown in the advertisement registers increase in sales. Even there is a significant increase in the number of visitors on the website, if any, as shown in the advertisement.

Increase in Clientele

Not only the advertiser gets more viewership, interaction and sales but Advertising Directory Services help the clients to develop a good image, positive benefits and loyalty for the advertiser, the company and its product or service.

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